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Tata Business Excellence Group

Mr. NK Sharan (NK) is Vice President at Tata Business Excellence Group and leads the area of performance excellence and transformation management through the group’s Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) process. His interest lies in the systematic embedding of quality values and the principles of excellence in various aspects of organisational transformational activities. Presently, he is driving TBExG’s enablement efforts towards ‘systematic transformation’ and ‘journey of excellence’ of Tata companies. He is also driving TBExG’s enabling efforts for strengthening Tata Network Forums global presence, Tata Affirmative Action Excellence programmes and Tata Education Excellence Programme.

Prior to taking up Group assignment at Tata Business Excellence Group, NK has 21 years of rich experience, working in various leadership roles at Tata Steel, India. As Business Excellence and Corporate Quality Chief, he helped Tata Steel’s transformational journey from 1998-2007 and helped it realise its business objectives of that time. His key areas of work include transformation through Strategic intiatives, strategic alignment/policy management, operational excellence, management systems and process excellence/improvement, Cost management, daily management, balanced scorecard/organisational performance management system, TQM, TOC, Lean and Six-Sigma, problem solving and decision making and cultural transformation through working on people involvement, capability building and mindsets change.

NK has enlarged the scope of excellence principles beyond business using it innovatively in the area of Affirmative Action and Education. The Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP) uses the AA framework and assessment as the main instrument for driving Affirmative Action programmes in Tata companies. The Tata Education Excellence Programme (TEEP) also uses the EE framework, criterion and assessment as a tool to drive transformations in schools. There are around 70 schools including 30 busti and village schools around Jamshedpur, where TEEP is attempting a holistic transformation of schools.

NK has worked closely with various excellence frameworks from both the east (Deming, TQM) and the west (Malcolm Baldrige, EFQM, etc.) and developed deep insights into what works well in a specific cultural context. He has also conducted more than 60 business assessments based on the above frameworks.

NK is a corporate trainer on business excellence subjects and a visiting faculty at some of the best business schools of the country, including XLRI and IIM-Bangalore, and has made several presentations at various conferences, including ANQ, SPRING, CII, etc.

NK graduated as an electrical engineer and did his post-graduation from XLRI Jamshedpur. He later attended JUSE, Japan and Malcolm Baldrige programmes. He has visited many world-class companies in the USA and Japan to learn from their best practices. His mission is to constantly advance and deepen the knowledge on organisational transformation through Quality.

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