Visited Companies

You will exchange quality and innovation methods and practice shaped in the bellowed 4 well-known companies in the form of workshop, site visit and peer networking.

● China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), March 1 FRI AM

● BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, March 1 FRI PM

● Haier Group, March 4 MON AM

● Tsingtao Brewery, March 4 MON PM

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)dedicates to the exploration of space. The mission of CAST is to apply the most advanced space technology into mankind's benefits.

Since its establishment in 1968, with more than 27000 employees (average age of 35 years old) by 2015, CAST has become one of the world-class spacecraft designers and manufacturers, providing full range of integrated space-ground system solutions for global customers. Besides the delivery of all kinds of spacecrafts from system level to equipment & component level, covering Telecommunications, Remote Sensing, Navigation, Human Spaceflight and Space Science Exploration, CAST also provides DC/AITC for spacecraft, satellite ground applications and customer-oriented service including training as well as orbit & frequency consulting.

CAST would always pursue being:

    -Professional in system engineering, project management, spacecraft manufacturing & AIT, applications and service with the support from highly qualified experts

    -Reliable for worldwide customers as the prime contractor of nearly 200 spacecrafts in which nearly 110 spacecrafts are working in orbit by 2015

    -Open to the world, sharing our space technology and experience with global partners in full dimension collaborations

    -Promising to adhere to the leading-edge technology and promote sustainable development of space infrastructures

Let's work together, creating a better future.

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.,

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.,founded in April 1993, is a global leader in semiconductor display industry, as well as an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and professional services for information interaction and human health. BOE's three core businesses are Display and Sensor Devices, Smart Systems and Healthcare Services

BOE has manufacturing bases located in China. Besides, BOE also boasts global marketing and R&D centers in 19 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Japan and Korea, with its service networks covering the world's major areas such as Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

BOE has the world-leading Gen6 Flexible AMOLED production line, the world's first and highest Gen10.5 TFT-LCD line and other high generation production lines, with its display and sensor products widely used in a broad spectrum of applications such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance, and wearable devices. In 2018 Q1, BOE's global market share of TFT-LCD panels for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor and TV ranks No.1.

BOE will fully open its application and technology platforms, joining hands with partners from various industries, enjoying IoT new market opportunities and creating new value together.

Company Vision: Best on Earth.

    -To be the world leader in semiconductor display and its related sensor fields

    -To be a global leading player in related smart products and services

    -To be a model in life technology and smart healthcare services

Haier Group

Haier Group is a global leading provider of better-life solutions, with its white goods business brand more famous than others for nine consecutive years. In the era of the Internet and the Internet of Things, Haier transformed itself from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a win-win IoT community ecology, leading global companies to take the lead in detonating the Internet of Things economy.

The company was founded on December 26, 1984. Under the guidance of the enterprise management philosophy and business philosophy of founder Zhang Ruimin, Haier Group has complied with the development trend of the times and continuously implemented strategic transformation. After implementing the brand building strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy, global branding strategy and networking strategy, Haier has developed from the collective small factory on the verge of collapse into an ecological enterprise led by the Internet of Things. In 2017, the Haier Group achieved a global turnover of 241.9 billion yuan. Haier Group boasts 10 R&D centers, 24 industrial parks, 108 manufacturing plants and 66 marketing centers across the world.

Currently, Haier Group owns Haier, Casarte, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA and Leader as its smart home appliances brands; RRS, Hai Rong Yi, COSMOPlat and Shunguang in the IoT service area; Haier Bros in the cultural and creative industry. The global brand matrix closely balances the strategy of “Smart Home Customization” (smart home customized for a better life), providing customized home service solutions, through which the value of the food, clothing, residential and mutual entertainment ecology are shared among users worldwide.

In the process of continuous innovation, Haier proposed the Rendanheyi Model for the IoT era, which is taken as the next social model by some management experts. COSMOPlat, the mass customization solution under the Rendanheyi Model, is ahead of German Industry 4.0 and the American Industrial Internet.

Tsingtao Brewery

Tsingtao Brewery was founded in August 1903 in Qingdao as the Nordic Brewery Co., Ltd. by German and British settlers. As one of the earliest breweries in China, Tsingtao Brewery is now among the World's Top 500 Most Influential Brands, it's also the fifth largest beer producer in the world with products exporting to more than 100 countries and regions including USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Denmark and Russia.

Tsingtao Brewery has won almost all gold awards in beer quality contests held in China since 1949, as well as many gold awards on the international stage. In 2013, Tsingtao Brewery was awarded the Most Competitive Chinese Enterprise, the Model Company of Creditability in China, the Company with the Best Sustainability, and the Best Board of Directors among Chinese Companies Listed in Hong Kong. In 2014, Tsingtao Brewery won the Gold Award of the Chinese Academy of Management Science Awards, as well as titles of the Most Influential Chinese Brand Worldwide and the Most Competitive Enterprise. In 2015, Tsingtao Brewery was recognised as the Excellent Company of the Year 2015 and the Asian MAKE (the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises in Asia). In 2016, Tsingtao Brewery ranked among the World's 100 Most Reputable Companies, the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands, as well as the Top 20 Best-Practice Boards of Supervisors with Public Companies. In 2017, Tsingtao Brewery became one of China's Most Admired Companies for the 12th time, one of China's Most Respected Companies for the 14th consecutive year, and one of the 2017 Top 500 Brands in Asia. The brand was also honoured the Most Competitive Enterprise.

With the vision of becoming a great international company with brands visible worldwide, Tsingtao Brewery will continue with innovation, “brewing popular beer with passion and inspiring happiness for life”.

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