China Quality Benchmarking Briefing Session Has been Successfully Held

On June 17, 2022, CAQ held the fifth online member activity: China Quality Benchmarking Briefing Session, attracting more than 1,100 to watch and learn.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CAQ will continue to organize and carry out the selection and exchange of China quality benchmarking in 2022. To help the majority of members and relevant organizations and individuals to understand the relevant situation and declaration work of the quality benchmarking activities, CAQ organized the live broadcast of the “China Quality Benchmarking Briefing Session”. Mr. Han Tie from the Quality Activity Promotion Dept. and Mr. Zou Lu from the Customer Research Dept. respectively explained in detail the overview of the quality benchmarking activities, the application process and requirements, the selection criteria, the common problems, and the value of customer satisfaction in the quality benchmarking activities. Combined with case sharing and Q&A, the effect of the event was well-received.

This event aims to build a professional exchange platform for various organizations to share the best practices of quality benchmarking, promote enterprises to apply advanced management concepts, models, and tools, and continuously improve product quality and service quality and management level. In the quality benchmarking activities, scientific methods are used to build a user satisfaction management system, create corporate value from the perspective of users, and integrate the user-centered business philosophy and the quality concept with user satisfaction as the standard in the enterprise quality management improvement action. It will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and help the economy and society achieve high-quality development.

Members and individuals who are unable to participate in the online live broadcast can watch the video playback. (Link:


“Service-underpinned” is the consistent purpose of CAQ. We will continue to organize a series of online and offline member activities to create a platform for members to learn, share and communicate.