National Quality Organization Alliance

With the advocacy and support of the CAQ, various regions and industries across the country have successively established quality associations to form a national quality association system. The National Quality Association System has common ideals and undertakings, and is a community with a shared future for building a country with strong quality.

1Beijing Association for   Quality(BAQ)
2Tianjin Quality Association(TQA)
3Quality Association of Hebei   Province(HBQA)
4Hebei Province Quality Culture   Association
5Shanxi Association for   Quality(SXAQ)——
6Inner Mongolia Quality   Network(NMAQ)
7Liaoning Association for Quality
8Jilin Association of   Quality(JAQ)
9Heilongjiang Association for   Quality——
10Shanghai Association for   Quality(SAQ)
11Jiangsu Association for   Quality(JSAQ)
12Zhejiang Association for   Quality(ZAQ)
13Anhui Quality Control   Association(AQCA)
14Anhui Association of Quality   & Brand(AQB)
15Fujian Province Quality   Management Association
16Jiangxi Association for   Quality(JAQ)
17Shandong Association for   Quality(SDAQ)
18Quality Evaluation Association   of Shandong Province(QEASP)
19Henan Association for   Quality(HNAQ)
20Hubei Province Quality   Association(HBQA)
21The Quality Association of Hunan   Province(HNQA)
22Guangdong Association for   Quality(GDAQ)
23Guangxi Association for   Quality(GXAQ)
24Hainan Quality Association
25Chongqing Quality Control   Association(CQCA)
26Sichuan Association for   Quality(SCAQ)
27Guizhou Association for Quality
28Yunnan Association for Quality——
29Tibet Quality Association(TQA)
30Shaanxi Association for Quality——
31Shaanxi Quality Technology   Association
32Gansu Association for QUALITY(GAQ)
33Qinghai Association for Quality
34Ningxia Association of Quality   and Technology(NAQT)
35Ningxia Quality Inspection   Certification Association(NXQICA)
36Xinjiang Association for   Quality(XJAQ)
37Macao Quality Management   Association(MQMA)
38China Machine Building Quality   Management Association(CMQMA)
39China Quality Management   Association for Electronics Industry (CQAE)
40China Astronautics Association   for Quality(CAAQ)——
41China Aviation Quality   Management Association(CAQMA)
42China Nuclear Quality Management Association——
43China Water Conservancy and   Electric Power Quality Management Association(CWEQA)
44China Construction Industry   Association(CCIA)
45China North Industries Quality   Association——
46China Quality Association for   Pharmaceuticals(CQAP)
47China Railways Quality   Management Association——
48China   Association of Communication Enterprise Management(CACEM)
49China Petroleum and Chemical   Industry Federation Quality Working Committee(CPCIF)