Law Branch of CAQ Went to Longkou Court for Investigation

On August 31, Hou Jinfeng, Deputy Secretary General of CAQ, and Zhang Yongjian, President of the Law Branch of CAQ, went to Longkou People’s Court for investigation. Li Wanping, Deputy Secretary of the Longkou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor attended the research symposium and delivered a speech. Qu Zhentao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and President of Longkou Court presided over the research discussion.

During the investigation, relevant experts successively went to the Dingjia Workstation, the Litigation Service Hall, the Executive Reception Area, the Executive Police Linkage Office, and the Executive Command Center under the “Law flourishes Longkou” lawsuit source management to conduct on-the-spot investigations, listened to the introduction, and communicated with the staff. At the research symposium, President Qu Zhentao made a speech on the theme of “Focus on Quality: Judicial Service as a Product”, and introduced in detail the measures and experience of Longkou Court in the past three years in implementing the excellent performance model and introducing the concept of judicial excellence in the reform of the court management model.

The two sides focused on the topics of Longkou Court’s exploration of the practical value of innovation in judicial management excellence, the feasibility, and path selection of implementing excellent performance management in the judicial field, and the standardization of reform models with the focuses on leadership, strategy, judicial needs, and services. Both sides agreed that there is a broad prospect for cooperation in promoting the implementation of the high-performance model in the judicial field in the future.